Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shout Out II

In my second shout out to the Nee clan (they're pitching a shutout), I'd like to thank Michelle's brother Markus, whose blog is now my single biggest source of hits. You can find his blog at I'll also leave a link in my list on the right side of the page. Thanks for the hearty welcome to the blogger community.

A-Snob out!!!


Markus said...

Glad to help!

michelle said...

oooh i saw a VR6 GTI on my way to work this morning! it was silver. i was like "who do you think you are doing with that car?" but why create enemies. you guys could be friends!

i thought of another minor "flaw" of the mazda3 design for you...the rear red lights that go on when your headlights are on (no idea what the proper name for them are...tail lights? are you embarassed to be my friend?) but i feel like there isn't enough "redness". look on all other cars, they have two big sections that light up, the 3 just has a small section. mine is a small ring of lights but they're LED so i'm hoping that they light up brighter. granted seeing other 3's on the raod they're visible from a distance but i'm thinking not as well as compared to other cars. so that's a safety feature i'd like to see them argue! so, the auto headlights? excellent!! although sometimes they turn off too early or stay on a little long when it's bright out...but that's nitpicking. haven't gotten to use the auto wipers yet though...but the right washer nozzle doesn't do well when driving at high speeds. so that's everything you need to know about the mazda3 from an owner of 1400 miles.