Friday, April 20, 2007

New York Daily Snooze

Okay, so I went to the press days at the New York show over two weeks ago, but I haven't posted my thoughts about the show thus far. The reason: I had no thoughts. This year's New York show, to me, was a snooze. I could basically count the all-new intros on one hand, and three of them were the micro concepts from Chevy, of which only one will emerge. The Infiniti EX concept was impressive, and the Hyundai Genesis (above) was a stunner (aside from the front end that looks like a Camry from some angles). The Ford Shelby GT500KR was bad-ass, the Ford Flex (below) is "polarizing" and the new Subaru Impreza was a disappointing Mazda3 knock-off. Aside from that we got to see some new grilles from Buick. Whoopdee-friggin-doo.

With the Javits Center expansion, New York will grow in size. But this year the show seemed to make a major leap back in relevance. Ugh, I hate swallowing my New York pride.

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Kevin said...

I agree, nothing was too exciting about what was released at New York. Winding Road is trying to say that enthusiasts will be excited about the new Hyundai Genesis platform... I don't agree. Who's going to want to buy a $30-35k RWD Hyundai? It reminds me of the Passat W8 or Phaeton as an engineering exercise... it can be designed and built, but there isn't a huge base of people wanting to buy one... Those RWD performance sedan/coupe buyers that Hyundai is chasing with this car will more likely spend their money on a RWD American car, or on a BMW, or the Lexus IS. Hyundai's target market is still drivers of economical cars, isn't it?