Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Car's Saga

Now that I'm in possession of the MGB, I though I'd relate a little bit about the process of getting it to me. It was chock full of omens. In fact, as soon as I committed to buy the car, putting the money in escrow, the first omen came. I left my house, and around two blocks away there was a nice black MGB roadster sitting in the middle of the road...with a flat tire. Not a good sign.

Well, my beautiful green example needed a few repairs before it was shipped from Iowa, and as soon as those were complete I arranged for its transport. The car was picked up this past Friday and was scheduled for delivery bright and early Saturday morning. It didn't quite make it. There were no flat tires involved, but the brand new, '08 Ford Super Duty PowerStroke that bore it apparently had some diesel fuel that didn't agree with it, and it just decided to quit right on the highway. I doubt a child waking up on Christmas morning to find out that Santa isn't real would be more disappointed than I was.

So what did I see just as I left the house Saturday morning? A shiny red MGB roadster cruising around, apparently just to rub salt in my wound.

Long story short, due to the lofty customer service of a Ford dealer in Illinois, who jerked the truckers around for a few days until they were convinced to take the needed part from a truck on the lot, I had to wait until Tuesday night to meet my new love. Incidentally, on Sunday I took a trip down to Columbus, Ohio, returning Monday night. Since it was quite a schlep, I took an audiobook, From Russia with Love (I've been listening to all the James Bond novels in order). And as a final jab from fate, this book introduced a new Russian intelligence agency to the mix. Was it the KGB? Of course not. It was the MGB!!! So I had to listen to the reader pronounce this acronym over and over during the course of my ride back, each time wincing a bit with longing.

Quite honestly, I don't put much stock in supernatural forces controlling the universe, and I chalk all these instances up to coincidence. But come on, WTF!!!

It was so worth the wait, though.

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