Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chargerghini Revealed

Well, after a few weeks of being a giant tease, Lamborghini's coyness has been rewarded with a broken embargo. The Estoque four-door concept has finally been revealed, and I must say I'm quite underwhelmed. The teaser detail shots got my motor revving, with Lambo's mastery of the details quite apparent. But the car as a whole is pretty disappointing, in my opinion. And then I saw the rear three-quarter shot. Suddenly I knew where I'd seen this car before. 

Okay, so the Estoque Concept doesn't look exactly like the Dodge Charger R/T Concept from 1999, but the stance is pretty much identical, and helps to elucidate why the overall execution of the Estoque already seems dated to me...especially for Lamborghini. Let me know what you all think.


Anonymous said...

Arg! You have got to stop reading my mind. From the Phoenix swimming pool sprawl to wanting Euro Fords to come over as Mercurys, and now this--it's too much. Or maybe it's just that the haunch of the Estoque is so blatantly Dodgy that anyone could see it.

Adena said...

I totally agree. They are SO similar! Sad.

brokemoto said...

At least the Europeans are copying Us for once.

While on the subject of Chargers, does anyone have any long term experience with that new Chrysler hemi-head? Is it anything like either the little or big ones of yore? I did a test drive on one and was somewhat less than impressed, although it was generally a pretty nice car. The other thing is that the car that I drove was not well broken in, so I do not think that I could get a fair impression of it.

I had a big one in a 1966 Charger and still have a little one in a 1957 DeSoto (and yes, the dealers tried to get it from me--not happening). Until Lamborghini, Porsche, Maybach and some of those others came out with these eight hundred and thousand horse buggies, those hemi cars were still amoung the fastest things out there well past their time.