Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Wonderful Juxtaposition

I do so love it when two news stories so ironically related appear near one another on the same day. The first example I showed was the Sirius/XM merger and the DaimlerChrysler split.

Today I saw two posts on Autoblog, both addressing the fate of the luxury hybrid segment. The second post discussed the future of the Cadillac Converj concept, saying that GM had given it a new lease on life. The Converj would be a luxury car based on the plug-in hybrid underpinnings of the Chevy Volt. The post closed with the sentence, "While nothing has been officially decided – some inside GM think the Volt should have been a Caddy all along while others don't think that luxury car buyers care about being green – don't count the Converj out yet."

What I found interesting was the absence of mention of the post right before it, which states that, "the new Lexus HS 250h is in such high demand in Japan that Toyota may not be able to provide an adequate supply of the luxury hybrid model here in the States."

Perhaps a little self-awareness on Autoblog's part wouldn't hurt.

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