Thursday, January 25, 2007

Some random auto show thoughts...

I s'pose it's about time that I put up some comments about the Detroit Auto Show, now that it's over and my thoughts have no chance of being timely and relevant.

How 'bout them new Chrysler vans? DCX wanted to give its vans styling more evocative of an SUV. Kinda reminds me of another van with the same mission: the 1996 Mazda MPV. If you ask me, this is a major step back in the styling of minivans.
Mazda, on the other hand, seems to be out ahead of the curve in this regard. The Mazda5, while not a traditional minivan in the American sense, takes the concept to new heights of style. At last, a minivan-like contraption that doesn't have the medicinal effect of valium.

The Holden Efijy (right) was pretty cool lookin', but why give the car a name that makes you wanna set it on fire? That entire GM section, which included the Holden, an Opel and the Sequel fuel cell concept, illustrated the General's corporate might, displaying its vast global network and its ability to bring those resources together to create impressive high-efficiency concepts.
AutoWeek called the Jaguar C-XF "Best in Show", and I think it's pretty hard to argue against that. It's easy to see the Aston influence on the rear deck, and everyone in attendance agreed that if they can keep the roofline somewhat similar, it'll be one of the best looking cars on the road.

On a final note, AutoWeek also commented that it was strange for GM to debut the new Malibu on Tuesday when many of the press had already left. I agree completely. Perhaps they were just trying to save themselves the embarassment and bad publicity of the inevitable comparisons with the current Malibu. After all, after seeing the new one, how much incentive money would it take to get someone into this?

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