Saturday, May 12, 2007

The sweetest color combo...EVER

For years I've been futilely attempting to convince friends to buy silver cars with red leather interiors. Sure, silver is popular, but they obviously balk at the red leather part. This combo isn't available in most cars, but many roadsters do offer a red leather option. The car I hope to own eventually is a Porsche 356 with just such a color scheme. Here's a model of said car (it's the best pic I can find of the car).

It clearly looks awesome, but I understand that it's a difficult plunge to take. The interior color of your car is something you have to live with every day. This post is, I guess, an effort to spread the gospel of this color combo. The way I see it, the more silver roadsters with red leather there are in the world, the more beautiful a place it will be. To that effect, here are some more great looking cars.

So now that it's completely clear that I'm right about this, do the world a favor and go out and buy a silver convertible with red leather. Just don't get a 356. I don't want you having the same car as me!

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