Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Tarnished Silver Bullet

There's been a ton of talk recently of a miraculous silver bullet for our energy dependency needs. I'll admit, I too was sucked into the enthusiasm for ethanol. Who wouldn't want to snatch the leverage right from the hands of the OPEC nations? But recently more information is being exposed about the trade-offs involved. Here is an interesting discussion of said trade-offs.

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Kevin said...

...and that opinion piece didn't even get in to the fact that when vehicles run on ethanol, they're typically less efficient than when running on gasoline. Even an ethanol blend of unleaded gasoline can cause increased consumption and reduced performance.

The people in DC need to stick to what they're good at: bull shit. If we could make cars run on that, America's foreign energy dependence would be over, because our country is full of BS!