Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yee haaaaaaaa!!!!

I've got a decent vocabulary. I'm fairly proud of my writing style. I consider myself an effective and engaging communicator. But I've come to a subject for which I have no words. It is the following:

Okay, I lied. Of course I have words, but don't expect them to capture the true essence of what it's like to drive this car.

The Lotus Exige S is...money. While it possesses all of the flaws of the Elise--and then some (the center rearview mirror is 100% for show, as there is no rear window)--that little S stands for a lot. It adds as supercharger to the 4-cylinder that comes standard in the base Elise and Exige, hence the need for the Exige's fastback bodystyle, which raises the rear deck. It bumps the horsepower from 190 to 220, and it brings this car to life. The direct connection to the road is still there, but much moreso than in the non-S version that was in the Elise I drove, the sense of urgency from the gas pedal is utterly addictive. I have never driven a car that, for all its flaws, was so utterly perfect.

And with that I'll leave you with an image of the door sill I had to hurdle to get into these Loti. Bear in mind, we lacked the tool we needed to remove the roof, so the opening I had to squeeze through was much narrower.

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