Thursday, December 20, 2007

Longest Car Ad...EVER!!!

So I can't sleep at all right now, and I've been reduced to watching VH1, which is one of the only channels that isn't running infomercials at 5 am. I just sat through the longest GM ad I've ever seen. It was actually Bon Jovi's Lost Highway video, but it looks as though it was produced entirely by GM's ad agency. The camera even manages to fit the Saturn logo in the shot any time the video's main character has a close-up. The song is also quite banal, fitting for a car ad.

Normally I would applaud a company for creative product placement, but this "vidvert" has gone a little too far. As AutoBlog has put it in the past, citing the overdone GM placement in one of those Matrix sequels, product placement is fine, as long as it's not so obvious as to detract from the plot.

Check it out and see what I mean.

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