Monday, March 10, 2008

The Gauntlet

My car has 18" wheels wrapped in low-profile tires. Consequently potholes are not my friend. Take a look at the road I have to traverse to get to 7 Mile from my apartment. This is Silver Spring Rd. in Northville, a city which should be ashamed of itself. The road has gotten progressively worse over the winter, to the point where it is nearly impassible for a car like mine without using the other side of the road. 

There are many factors cited for the state of Michigan's inability to attract and retain citizens, which has contributed to its economic stagnation. For auto enthusiasts, though, it has to be the awful state of the roads in this area that makes this such an unattractive place to live...ironic considering the industry which singlehandedly supports most of the state economy. Come on, Michigan, let's get our act together...especially you, Northville.

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kalliope said...

Auto Snob, those roads need an ugly teal colored car like I just wrote about. A Taurus, or Sentra, maybe an Outback...