Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Lost Cause

Most of the cars that I've gotten to drive while out in Cali have had navigation systems in them. I must say, none of these systems is worth a damn. The nav program on my phone, with its tiny little screen, is easier to use (albeit less reliable) than any of these car-based systems. For this reason--and the fact that you have to push that damn "accept" button on the screen every time you turn on the car, even if you're not using the nav system--I won't be buying a car with a nav system any time soon. 

I think it's about time that a major car magazine did a thorough comparison of nav systems by auto brand. Then, perhaps, we might decide on an established industry standard for the best navigation system that all other companies can try to take on. I think I'll write an email to all of them imploring them to take on this issue. 

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