Friday, December 4, 2009

Deutschland, Part 9

I hadn't heard the best things about Frankfurt, which is why I chose to stop in Heidelberg on the way. The truth is, Frankfurt is the business hub of Germany, and not much else. I'm sure I could've found tons of interesting things to do there, but compared with the other major cities of Germany, it's kinda boring.

My first excursion there was the zoo. It's actually a pretty good zoo, and I took videos of some of the interesting stuff I saw there. The first is two turtles making out, with one on the other's back.

The second is some really narrow fish that wave their fins in mesmerizing patterns.

I'll admit, these videos aren't nearly as cool as they'd seemed at the time, but I did enjoy the zoo, and recommend it if you have to spend a day in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, it was raining for much of the time I was there.

There also happened to be just a random peacock just strutting around the place like he owned it. I knew peacocks can be somewhat irritable, so I didn't mess with this guy.

Soon I'll post about the Frankfurt auto show, almost 3 months late.

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