Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Party Pooper

I'm pretty excited about the impending arrival of the Ford Fiesta. It's going to be the best sub-compact in the US market, with the possible exception of the Honda Fit. Ford continues to get its act further together in the US, bringing over many of the great designs from its European arm.

But Henry's brand tends to lose a little bit in translation. The new Taurus, for example, takes many of the cues that make the Mondeo a great design in Europe, but fails to finish the job, with a slab of a rear end that suffers from too many wayward lines.

There seem to be a few missteps with the Fiesta, too, involving the grille. The European version (above) is a great design. For the US version, the front end has been revised, likely for different crash standards here. The sedan gets a chrome grille that has an inexplicable gap under the third crossbar.

The hatch gets a grille insert that looks like it's there to plug the hole that was left by taking out the sedan's grille.

Ford, you're doing so many things right, why screw it up every chance you get?

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