Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GMC has a reason to exist!

My friend Chris, a spy photog extraordinaire, recently caught the new GMC Terrain out testing, with relatively little in the way of camo. You can check out his full set of shots at Car and Driver. It sets up a nice contrast to the way GM used to do things, and sometimes still does in the quest to save a buck. To grab a few extra units in the small CUV market, the General rebadged the previous Equinox as the Pontiac Torrent. The scalpel job constituted little more than just a new face and taillights that actually fit into the same sheetmetal holes.
With this new generation, GM has jumped through hoops to ensure that the vehicle is substantially different for the Chevy and GMC brands. Each looks like a fitting segue to their respective Lambda big brothers, the Traverse and Acadia. 
I think the Terrain will do very well, and will be especially popular among young women who will see it as a nice alternative to the less refined small Jeep lineup. With GM making this kind of progress, it's a shame to even think about the prospect of the company not surviving. 

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