Thursday, March 26, 2009


Okay, I'm officially calling it: when the Tesla S sedan finally goes into production in two and a half years, it will be the iPhone of cars. It is going to mark a major change in the industry, and they're going to sell every single damn one they can pump out of the factory (hopefully that won't be limited to 20K for too long). The car will even elicit behavior similar to that of iPhone users, with the fact that it has a 3G-enabled touch screen eliminating all dash buttons, and also that its owners will plug the car in to charge (and maybe sync?) each night. 

Every single celebrity will have one, showing up to the Oscars in it. Every young person will want one. It will create a whole new sector of the industry, just as the iPhone has. There may even sprout up an entire accessory and software industry around it. And Elon Musk will be the new Steve Jobs. That is all. 

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