Sunday, November 22, 2009

Absolute Power, Probably Not Corrupting Much

A few days ago, Autoblog posted about the fact that most Camaros driving off dealer lots have eight pistons under the hood. In fact, the V8 advantage is two to one. Autoblog was psyched about this, saying it was "a trend we can get on board with." For me, it's a different story.

I had the privilege of driving both the V6 and V8 models, and while the eight-banger is undoubtedly a beast, I came away with a preference for the six. The Camaro is already a heavy car, and with the V8 hanging out in front of the axle, its handling is compromised. Add to that the fact that the V6 is actually plenty powerful, more so even than a 2009 Mustang V8.

Do you think that 90 percent of those Camaro SS buyers are ever going to use the muscle they've bought? Yeah, for one burnout coming out of the dealership lot, and then probably never again.

But I suppose that a lot of the Chevy hardcore who shelled out the cash for their dream ride are legitimately concerned about being razzed for buying a secretary's car if they settle for the V6.

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