Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Dilemma

As anyone who's read enough of this blog will know, I'm very picky about what I drive. My R32 gave me months of agony over its lack of a true manual transmission, before I even bought the damn thing.

So when I saw the next generation of R hardware at the Frankfurt Auto Show two months ago (more on that in later posts), I once again found it difficult to make up my mind which I liked better.

On one hand, the Scirocco R looks totally badass. Its squat shape looks almost reptilian, making up for the lost cargo space versus its Golf platform-mate. But it uses front-wheel drive, for the weight benefit, according to the VW people on the stand.

The Golf R, on the other hand, has all-wheel drive, just like my beloved R32. I've loved having AWD, due to both its track handling and the winter driving benefits.

The fact is, it doesn't look like the Scirocco will ever make it to this side of the pond, anyway, but I saw a ton of them in Germany, and even tailed one on the Nürburgring for a lap. And nevermind the fact that the new generation of R models have turbo fours, which I'm not crazy about. I'll probably give in eventually and buy a new one.

So, which to buy, assuming I have the choice? I've put a poll at the bottom of the blog. Weigh in on which is more badass.


mcniadh said...

Widebody Golf R with Scirocco nose.

Adena said...

Need more pics to be able to choose! I like the front end of the Scirocco, but I'm not sure I like the back end I can't tell from the pics!