Sunday, November 1, 2009

The worst eBay listing I've ever seen

My dad is interested in buying a BMW Z8. It would be the perfect retirement car for him: beautiful, rare, and a roadster with a manual transmission. So I have an eBay alert saved that tells me whenever a new Z8 is listed. Most of them are nice cars, with plenty of pictures to prove it, and a full list of their features and specs.

But the listing that showed up today was perhaps to most absurd, intelligence-insulting piece of garbage I've ever seen. In the email that notifies you of a new listing, there is usually a picture of car. This one had only a photo of two hands exchanging some keys. Hey douchebag, those are house keys.

When I went to the listing, I found that it has very little information about the car, just the fill-in-the-blanks stuff that eBay requires. And the kicker is, of the four pictures in the listing, there is only one picture of the car itself (presumably). The other three are the keys pic, a press photo of a Z8 with a different color interior, and a shot of the douche selling the car, who, I must say, does look quite douchey. The picture of the actual car (again, presumably), is just a picture of the side of the car from wheel to wheel, with the front and rear cut off.

This listing was the ultimate waste of time, which is why I decided to waste more time and post about it. If you want to see it for yourself, check it out here. But by no means bid on this car and reward the turd who put up this listing.

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