Saturday, February 23, 2008

Attn: Europhiles

A while ago, I posted about my grand plan for Mercury, and subsequently a bit about the American auto market, to explain why this seemingly obvious course of action hasn't yet been undertaken. As I mentioned, GM is taking this route with Saturn, and the outcome is anything but certain. Here's an interesting column from the Wall Street Journal about the new Astra, and why a quintessentially European small car may have trouble winning over American consumers.

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Mr. Anti-Camry said...

The fact that Saturn managed to sell 100,000 Ions in any year is a fact that should be shaming America. That car was an ugly, uninspired piece of junk. That's evidently what the fat, lazy, Value Meal-loving middle-American needed to get between points A and B.

I love the Astra. Were I to consider a small car, it would be on my list. The Ion never would have been. Of course, the Rabbit and the Mazda3 would be on my list too. The best drive would be the winner. Sounds like it's time for a comparison test...