Friday, February 1, 2008

Audi SUS?

Autoblog just posted this spy pic of an A4 allroad test mule:

At the end of the article John Neff proclaims that the AB crew is pining for a sedan version (the real one will be a wagon, like the A6 allroad). Why? Don't they remember how lame the Subaru Outback SUS was? Why don't they just get themselves a ridiculous BMW X6? To me, the sedan version would make a pretty dumb production car.

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Mr. Anti-Camry said...

I believe you've just admitted to being one of about seventeen people who remember the Outback SUS... what a pointless tall sedan. Why would those dopes at autoblog want to do that to the handling of an A4?

Of course, the fact that Subaru stopped offering the Legacy wagon in non-Outback form is also a form of tragedy in my opinion...