Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Movie Magic

I just finished watching Away From Her, which was quite a good movie. There was one part, however, which drove me nuts. I'm sure that it's only me--and maybe a handful of car-obsessed people--but during the scenes in which Grant was "driving" his F-150, without fail the steering wheel would be cocked in a completely random direction while the scenery passed straight back. 
I'll give the movie industry credit, the scenery now looks completely real as it passes beyond the windows. My mom, who couldn't give a half a damn about cars, noticed nothing. But the steering wheel issue was really distracting to me. C'mon people, is it really that hard to get that right? It also strikes me as odd that a decent actor, which the guy playing Grant most certainly was, wouldn't protest that something was wrong as he's sitting there doing an entire scene with the wheel cocked a full 270 degrees. I thought actors were supposed to interact with their environment as if it's reality. Hasn't this guy ever driven a car before? Is something not askew when the Ford oval is sideways while you're casually talking to your passenger?

Okay, so by this point, most readers are thinking, "Get a life, dude." But when you consider that studios are always looking to put that extra touch of realism into their productions, this is such as easy way. Hmm, I wonder if it's cause the movie was made by Canadians...

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