Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The new Chevy Malibu is being greeted with rave reviews in the motoring press. I've driven the car, and it was indeed impressive, especially for a car sporting a bowtie. The styling is also a hit, and I'm a particularly big fan of the C pillar, which I feel makes it look like a much more expensive car. But there's one big disconnect for me. Have you seen the ass on this thing? It's not enough that it's a big slab of vertical sheet metal. They had to slap a few mismatched shapes on it for good measure.
Here's the strange thing. When I see a car like this, I point it out to others. On the Malibu, everyone seems to agree with me. But no one in the press has yet taken notice. So I see a few possibilities:

1. My compadres are humoring me, and they actually like the rear.

2. I'm very persuasive, and have convinced others to take another look at this heinous posterior.

3. I've articulated what others were thinking, but just didn't have the heart to say.

What does my reading public think? Am I wrong, or does the guy in charge of letting that butt through design sign-off deserve a serious ass kicking?

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Mr. Anti-Camry said...

The ass isn't that bad. At least it's distinctive, and I think it's somewhat stylish. And you know how snobby I am about cars.

I totally agree with you about the C-pillar... very nicely done.