Wednesday, November 7, 2007

V steps forward, and VI steps back

If eGMCarTech is to be believed, they have "renderings" of the next Golf/Rabbit/GTI. The GTI they've posted takes cues from the up! concept, but more obviously from the recent W12 650. Okay, so maybe it's attractive, maybe slightly less so than the current generation. I thought VW was developing their own version of the shield grille concept. Out the window?

What really struck me, though, is the picture they had of the supposed next Golf/Rabbit. Where have I seen that grille before? Oh wait, I know. I own it! They've actually just lifted a Mk IV grille and photoshopped the edges. Will VW go this route? I doubt it, but if they do, the designers are on LSD, cause they're clearly having flashbacks.

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