Thursday, November 15, 2007


I guess it's my destiny to forever be blogging about bad auto rear ends. I was looking at some photos of (supposedly) the next generation of the Mazda6. From the front it looks great, and would be a perfect step forward for the brand.But then I caught a glimpse of the rear end, and while I can't say it's not a handsome one, I did have a visceral reaction...a negative one. See if you can tell why:
Any guesses? Okay, I'll give you a hint:
Mazda, spare yourself the humiliation of having your car compared with the (truly awful) Sebring. However you do it, do it, cause there's a chance people like me will gag when they see the rear end, and not even know why!

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the crazy cat lady said...

this is funny b/c one the main reasons i fell in love with the 3 is b/c i love the way it's butt looks. i was even so mad when i found out that mine turned out to have a (bonus!) spoiler on it b/c i thought it might ruin the look. well it turns out i like the way it looks a lot more with it. oh which reminds me. the day you help me figure out the creaking you can also help me take some pictures of it. i currently have none.